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If you’re thinking of adding a Clumber Spaniel to your family, consider the option of adopting

Rescue puppy

This 5 month old female was rescued from a Hungarian puppy mill. Many unscrupulous breeders obtain their stock from mills like the one this girl was rescued from.

Rescue puppy

This puppy was rescued from a Puppy Mill, the approximate age is 5 to 6 wks, severely malnourished and loaded with parasites. The poor condition and lack of care is evident. If this pup was not rescued and somehow survived it would have been bred as well, regardless of health issues.

Rescue puppy

So many tragic stories come with equal success. Charlie a rescue from the U.S. has a beautiful, happy life in Florida. Lets give more of these stories happy endings, contact Clumber Spaniel Rescue and see if the fit is right for you.


If you’re thinking of adding a Clumber Spaniel to your family, consider the option of adopting an adolescent, adult or even a senior Clumber rescued from a shelter or turned over for placement by its owners. Dogs end up in rescue or need to be re-homed for a variety of reasons. Some are understandable such as severe health issues, death, divorce or job loss. Others are superficial, such as “we don't have time for them”, “I didn’t realize how much exercise they need” or “I travel for work and they are alone.” All too often owners did not understand the personality and temperament of their choice of dog breed or realize how much time and attention was needed to care for them. Regardless of whether you decide to purchase a puppy or adopt an older dog, make certain you have studied the breed and that you and the breed are a good match. Any ethical, responsible breeder or rescue group will help you make this decision by asking lots of questions about you, your home, family and lifestyle before placing a dog with you. They want to get as much information as they can to ensure the most appropriate, compatible placement for both the dog and the adopting home. Bottom line: If you are not interrogated, you should walk away!

BEWARE of internet websites which promise to ship you a puppy tomorrow. Most of these so-called breeders are only interested in selling you a puppy, not in learning about you and what you are looking for in a companion. When puppies are placed without quality screening they are likely to end up as the next dog advertised in the Classifieds or waiting in the local shelter to be rescued. For information about the Clumber breed and for a Puppy Buyer’s Guide, Breeder Referral and Clumber Rescue & Placement, visit www.clumbers.org, your premier source for learning about Clumber Spaniels.

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The Clumber Spaniel Club of America website provides a wealth of information about Clumber Spaniels. If you are considering adopting, or buying a puppy from a reputable breeder, we highly suggest you visit the site and learn more about the breed.

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